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News Update:

We've just closed reservations for the CSA program: 

Thank you guys for all support, because of the immense feedback we've received lately we've had to close reservations for the CSA program! If you signed up before the 9th of January then you're included in our February pick up list (and should have gotten a confirmation e-mail) if not then you've been placed on our wait list. Don't worry we've had a number of CSAs given as gift, so we expect the program to open up here shortly. 

If you'd like more information on the program please visit the CSA page of our website. 

Page River Bottom Farm raises grass fed beef and other grass fed meats. We began with Heritage Chickens and Eggs. The Angus Cattle came in July, 2010. In July 2011, we acquired Dorper sheep, then added Berkshire pigs in April of 2012.  Eggs and frozen chickens are available all year round.

We started the farm in order to have healthy, pastured-raised meat and eggs for ourselves and our neighbors. Since the FDA and government regulations no longer take care of us, we found a way to assure that we could meet our own nutritional needs safely on 25 acres in the Sanger River bottom area of Central Valley, 20 miles southeast of Fresno, California.Then in 2012, we leased the 20 acres next door to use, to give us more space to raise our pastured meats.

Here are a few pictures of our farm and animals:

And here are our sheep, our pigs and two of our other additions, purchased to help mind our grass fed beef, chickens and other livestock:

We hope to share our bounty with others who want the same healthier foods for their family. Our goal is to be on the side of sustainability, good health and enough for all. Our task is to live and do, one day at a time, what we can toward that goal.

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Please Note:
Some of our pork was incorrectly labeled as containing nitrites. None of it was cured that way, or will ever be. It was a labeling mistake and we hope you will forgive us for it.
Sorry for the confusion.

Product Availability

 Beef Cuts, Pork Cuts,
Lamb, Chicken and Eggs,
are available at the new
Vineyard Farmer’s Market
plus 6 drop points in the Reedley/Clovis/Fresno area.

Farm Hours

             Monday-Saturday               8:00am-5:00pm

Sunday                             Closed

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