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We'd like to share pastured meat recipes and cooking directions with you, to help you enjoy the pastured meats you buy from us. Many people coming to healthier meats are unfamiliar with the best ways to cook them, and as a result, find they don't like them. We want to be sure you can enjoy the pastured meats you buy from us, so we're providing a variety of recipes for all our pastured meat products.

Directly below is a temperature chart for cooking your grass-fed meats correctly.

Grass fed meats require slightly different cooking methods. Because the fat content is lower, you can easily overcook these meats. Generally, the cooking time is less and the temperature you cook it at should also be lowered slightly.

Use a meat thermometer to be sure it's done, but avoid overcooking at all costs. This is often the culprit when people say they don't like grass fed meats, because overcooking can make these meats dry and tough. If you follow the recipes we've provided, you should find these meats some of the tastiest you've ever eaten. Not to mention all the health benefits you'll be getting!

For, more specifics on cooking grass fed beef, check out the cooking tips page on the American Grass Fed Beef website.

We would like to feature your favorite recipes for grass fed meat, stock, soup or eggs. Please submit them to our email for inclusion on the website. Thanks for sharing.

We've now separated recipes by types of meat. We have pastured chicken recipes , pastured eggs recipes, grass fed lamb recipes, grass fed pork recipes, and grass fed beef recipes.  On the linked pages are some great ideas to help you get going with your pastured meat meals. Enjoy!

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