Price Breakdown for
Pasture-Raised Meats

If you're new to pastured meats and buying in bulk, you may need help deciding how much you should get. With this price breakdown and description of cuts included from our pasture raised meats, you'll be better able to choose which cuts and how much meat you'd like.

Read through the charts to see how much meat typically comes with each quantity, then check your freezer space so you know how much you have room for. Typical freezer space requirements are also listed below. Make sure you'll have enough room for the meat you wish to purchase before placing your order.

If you have any questions about the charts below, or need additional information, please contact us to let us know. You can download a printable version of our price breakdown charts also.

We can now offer beef cuts. You can see our Beef Cut Price List by clicking the link. We also offer pork cuts, and you can download the Pork Cuts Price List by clicking its link, too.

As always, thank you for helping our sustainable farm!

Meat prices as price per pound, out the door, (including processing fee). Numbers are based on average weight and may vary according to butcher and weight of animal.

Beef, Per Pound Cost Breakdown:

Typical Example of a Quarter Beef:

* Giblets & Feet free with chicken.

Lamb, Per Pound Cost Breakdown:

*Actual price and that of cuts will be posted in 2013.

Typical Breakdown of a Whole Lamb:

*One cu. ft. of freezer space will hold approx. 30-32 lbs. of meat.

Pork Cost per Pound Breakdown:

*CSA Reservations are being taken now for pork in the Spring of 2013. Prices for that reservation and price for cuts will be determined at that time.

Typical Breakdown of a Whole Pig:

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Product Availability

 Beef Cuts, Pork Cuts, 
Lamb, Chicken and Eggs, 
are available:

- Through our CSA at 6 drop points in the Greater Fresno area.

- Or at our meeting spot in Fresno on Thursday mornings. 

If you are interested in purchasing meat cuts or eggs feel free to  contact us via e-mail (pageriverbottomfarm. or by phone (559) 461-7517 anytime. 

Farm Hours

You are always welcome to stop by the farm, please contact our office at (559) 461-7517 to set up an appointment. 

We now belong to the Community Alliance with Family Farmers.

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